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10 Questions were asked, I remember 9, 120 Minutes time which is more than enough:

This one I haven't seen before in any collection of exam questions:

Multiple choice: What percentage of identical residues is the threshold for considering two sequences of proteins homologous if the sequence length is 35.

15 %

40 %

80 %

100 %

Name the types of databases and name three databases

Explain local and global alignment via simple diagrams

Draw a dotplot matrix of the sequences atggct and atggctatatggct, mark the diagonals and give the alignment What is a phylogram. Give diffent types of phylogenetic trees. Assume four species. Draw the tree of life, all possible radial diagrams and give the number of possible rooted diagrams.

Define genetic distance and how it can be estimate

What is KEGG and name five KEGG databases

Explain transition and transversion in nucleotide substitution and how frequent each are

What is comparative genomics, state the theoretical background and give examples

What is natural selection and what types do you know