TU Wien:Mobile Network Services and Applications VU (Grechenig)/Prüfung 2021-01

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This was an online exam via TUWeL (closed book) consisting of 13 questions in total with about 5 MC-questions and the rest open questions:

  • Name and explain all parts of the command and response APDUs mentioned in the lecture
  • Name and explain all main components of the GSM
  • Name all components of the LAI (Location Area Identity)
  • Name 3 implementations for SE (Secure Environment)
  • Name 3 applications for RFID Cards
  • Name the 3 operation modes for NFC (reader/writer mode, card emulation and P2P)
  • Explain the Mafia Fraud Relay Attack
  • Explain the MVVM pattern and the communication between all components (e.g. callbacks)
  • Which of the following statements are true for "Notruf 112"? (can use without SIM, kicks other customers out of their connections of no capacities are available)
  • Which of the following statements are true for Java Card Applets? (normal Java apps can run on Java Cards, you can use one-dimensional array, you can use booleans, you can use shorts)
  • Which of the following statements are true for digital signals? (multiplex bundles multiple signals to one medium, oversampling does not improve signal quality, ...)

No code examples about Java or Kotlin in this exam.