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| sprache = en
| sprache = en
| zuordnungen =
| zuordnungen =
     {{Zuordnung|E066645|VAST/FD - Visual Analytics and Semantic Technologies - Foundations}
     {{Zuordnung|E066645|VAST/FD - Visual Analytics and Semantic Technologies - Foundations}}
     {{Zuordnung|E066935|Theories of Perception, Interaction & Visualization}}
     {{Zuordnung|E066935|Theories of Perception, Interaction & Visualization}}

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Lecturers Margit Pohl
replaces Psychologische Grundlagen der Visualisierung VO (Pohl)
Department Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology
Language English
Links tiss:193060 , Mattermost-Channel
Master Data Science Pflichtmodul VAST/FD - Visual Analytics and Semantic Technologies - Foundations
Master Media and Human-Centered Computing Pflichtmodul Theories of Perception, Interaction & Visualization

Mattermost: Channel "cognitive-foundations-of-visualization"RegisterMattermost-Infos


noch offen, bitte nicht von TISS/u:find oder Homepage kopieren, sondern aus Studierendensicht beschreiben.


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Benötigte/Empfehlenswerte Vorkenntnisse



noch offen

Prüfung, Benotung

It was explicitly mentioned that you need to write in whole sentences and use your own words at the exam. According to the professor, it will count as cheating when you are using sentences or words from her slides.

SS18: I did not write in whole sentences. Therefore, I got probably a worse grade. I studied approx. 12 hours in total and was rarely in the lectures - got sufficient on exam.

Dauer der Zeugnisausstellung

SS18: two weeks

SS19: Exam 27.06.2019; Certificate 02.08.2019


Without visiting lecture: approx. 2 days

With visiting lecture: approx. 1 day


noch offen


The lecture is a little bit lengthy. But she mentioned explicitly, that it will count as cheating when not using your own words during the exam. Therefore, it can be helpful to visit the lectures.

Verbesserungsvorschläge / Kritik

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