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== Unterlagen ==
== Unterlagen ==
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* papers were made accessible via TUWEL
== Tipps ==
== Tipps ==

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Lecturers Peter Purgathofer, Katta Spiel
Department Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology
When summer semester
Language English
Links tiss:193082, Homepage, Mattermost-Channel
Master Media and Human-Centered Computing Wahlmodul Critical Theory of Media and Informatics


noch offen, bitte nicht von TISS/u:find oder Homepage kopieren, sondern aus Studierendensicht beschreiben.


  • sessions take place about weekly - initially, some breaks due to conferences were planned; as conferences did not happen because of CoVid-19, more sessions took place.
  • for each session, there was a topic; for each topic, 3-5 papers. everyone got to chose which paper(s) they want to read in detail, or just skim. if you read a paper, you would present it in the corresponding session, and the group would discuss the whole thing then.
  • Dr Spiel managed to invite an author of one of the papers we discussed in the following session, and the ensuing interview/discussion was very interesting.

Benötigte/Empfehlenswerte Vorkenntnisse

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Prüfung, Benotung

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Dauer der Zeugnisausstellung

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  • papers were made accessible via TUWEL


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Verbesserungsvorschläge / Kritik

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