TU Wien:Masterstudium Media and Human-Centered Computing

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Links Ehemalige LVAs, Studienplan
  • 11 Pflicht-LVAs
  • 47 Wahl-LVAs

Additional information on how to study Media and Human-Centered Computing

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LVAs nach Pflichtmodulen

LVAs nach Wahlmodulen

Applied Assistive Technologies

Computer Vision

Critical Theory of Media and Informatics

Design Thinking & Design for All

Digital Games

Digital Media - Interaction and Environment

Emergent Ethical Challenges in Informatics

Explorative Design

Freie Wahlfächer und Transferable Skills

Gameful Design

HCI & Health Care

Image Processing & Visualization

Image and Video Analysis & Synthesis

Media Technologies, Emergent and Open Technologies

Media Understanding

Theories of Perception, Interaction & Visualization