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Hi, I'd like to suggest to have a step-by-step guide for uploading files to a course in English. It can be something like this:

1. Go to the course page where you want to attach materials

2. You can either click “Attach” in the tab OR go to the section “Attachments” of the course page and click “add some” / “Add new attachments” (in the case where already resources exist”

3. Here, you have three options for attaching materials to the course. All materials you have attached will appear here in the section “Attachments” of the course:

Add subpage
If you don’t have a file to upload, you can create a subpage instead and add the content
Upload file
In this section, you can easily upload files.
Click “Choose file”
Give the resource a “destination filename”. You can describe the resource optionally.
Click “Upload file”
Add link
If you want to refer to an existing resource, you can add it to this section.
Give the link a title. The title should be the same as the one you refer to.
Add the URL of the existing resource.
Click “Add link”

Naming conventions: The name of the attachments should start with the type (e.g. slides, exam, test, lecture notes, summary). Attachments will be sorted by their names. Please name them so they are sorted correctly. For exams, the date format should be as follows: YYYY-MM-DD For attachments, where there could be changes every semester, add the semester information as following: YYYYS / YYYYW.

Hi, I am generally of the opinion that if a user interface isn't intuitive it should be improved instead of documented. Maybe the "add" link in the attachments section should be styled more prominently as a button?
Regarding your translation of the naming conventions: it's not quite as simple as attachments for German courses (with German VoWi pages) should be named in German for consistency.
--Gittenburg 19:06, 21. Jan. 2020 (CET)