TU Wien:Advanced Internet Computing VU (Dustdar)/Prüfung 2014-03-10

Aus VoWi
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Prüfung vom ersten Nebentermin vom Stoffsemester WS13/14:

  • Name 6 important aspects of IT services
  • A given algorithm runs 75% of the time in parallel and 25% of the time sequentially. Calculate the speedup according to Amdahl's Law for 5 nodes. Is the algorithm an Embarrassingly Parallel Application?
  • Find REST Anti-Patterns in the given Flickr REST API
  • Explain the 4 levels of the Richardson Maturity Model of REST
  • Define the terms composition, choreography, orchestration and name differences
  • Define the terms: types, messages, operations in the context of WSDL and give a concrete Example (no XML code required)
  • Explain scale-up and scale-out (differences, possible problems with each approach)
  • What is an Enterprise Service Bus and what problem does it solve
  • Transform the given WS-Policy in DNF