TU Wien:Advanced Internet Computing VU (Dustdar)/Prüfung 2014-04-28

Aus VoWi
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Prüfung vom 2. Nebentermin vom Stoffsemester WS13/14:

1. What are the key challenges when implementing a SOA?
2. Describe Amdahls Law. Is it suitable for every distributed application? When not, why? Give an example.
3. What is the relationship between BPEL and XML / XML Schema / WSDL / SOAP / WS-Addressing ?
4. Difference between concrete and abstract part of WSDL? What is the purpose of this separation?
5. What is QoS? Explain 4 metrics. QoS vs QoE
6. Describe the concept of HATEOAS. Give a real world example.
7. Find REST Anti-Patterns in the given Flickr REST API
8. Difference between BPEL atomic activities and structured activities. Name 3 activities of each type.
9. Concept of incentives and rewards in human based computing.
10. Name and descripe the different MessageExchangePatterns. Which are used in practice (most)?