TU Wien:Advanced Internet Computing VU (Dustdar)/Prüfung 2014-12-12

Aus VoWi
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  • What is service composition, service orchestration, service choreography? Assign proper Web Service Technologies to the concepts.
  • WS-BPEL and WSDL. What is their relationship in composition?
  • Draw the SOA Triangle, including the concrete Web Service Technologies. Describe.
  • Explain two technological aproaches to Service-based Intgration presented in the lecture. Describe.
  • Fill in concrete Web Service Technologies in the framework stack drawing (layers are given).
  • MC: 5 true/false questions
  • Calculate the availability of a given Web Service, depending on a database server and an external CRM service.
  • List and explain the three Cloud Service models of NIST.
  • How could cloud computing helps preventing underpovisioning?
  • Given an application which does not parallize at all, is it better to have more small or less large VMs? Compare the benefits/drawbacks of small and large VMs.