TU Wien:Advanced Internet Computing VU (Dustdar)/Prüfung 2017-01-12

Aus VoWi
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  • Webservice Stack
  • Functional & Non-Functional properties
  • ~5 Multiple Choice Questions:
    • Response-time is a server-side web service QoS characteristic
    •  ???
  • What is BPEL, describe language characteristics, what 2 types of activities does it offer.
  • Process vs. workflow based model
  • Describe 3 elasticities discussed in the lecture
  • Describe these 3 intrinsic cloud characteristics
    • Resource Pooling, Service metering, Elasticity?
  • Discuss pros/cons for small VM vs big VM for fully parallelizable application. Ignore metering time units. Assume linear scaling (2 CPU machine twice as expensive as 1 CPU machine)