TU Wien:Advanced Internet Computing VU (Dustdar)/Prüfung 2020-01-10

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WARNING: Questions below are written down shortly after the main exam from memory.

1.) Explain WAN and LAN/PAN, each in 1-2 sentences and name 2 technologies for each.

2.) Microservices: 2 Advantages, 2 Disadvantages

3.) Key difference between Edge and Fog computing in 2-3 sentences

4.) 16 single-choice questions (yes/no), 0.5p each, no deduction for wrong answers

5.) You have IoT-devices in remote area, creating infrequently sensor data. The following tasks need to be done: A) pre-processing and transformation of data to reduce need for bandwidth; B) data aggregation; C) provide analytics and visualization services.

a.	Sketch Cloud-perspective with correct types of connections needed
b.	Where you would place the tasks needed
c.	Why do you place them there? One sentence of explanation for each task.

6.) You have one authentication interface with an availability of 0.99, one authentication server with an availability of 0.98 and one database server with an availability of 0.8.

a.	Calculate the composite availability.
b.	What could you improve to get a composite availability of higher than 0.95?

7.) Why should a provider use virtualization? What are the benefits for it?

8.) Key Differences between Orchestration and Choreography