TU Wien:Advanced Internet Computing VU (Dustdar)/Prüfung 2020-06-13

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WARNING: Questions below are written down shortly after the main exam from memory.

1. Name 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of microservices (4 points)

2. 20 true/false questions, 1 point each, no deductions for wrong answers (20 points)

3. Explain (a) Loose Coupling (2p), (b) Stateless Service (2p) in 1-2 sentences each (overall 4p)

4. Name 3 benefits of fog/edge computing (3p)

5. Given two blank graphics of the two hypervisor levels (overall 6p)

 - Label the graphics (3p)
 - Name one benefit of each (2p)
 - Name one example technology each (1p)

6. Name 2 benefits each of private, public and hybrid clouds. (3p)