TU Wien:Biomedical Instrumentation VU (Kaniusas)/ New questions 14.10.2016

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1) Write about reverse recruitment order (was a subquestion to the often asked question about what waveforms can be used in neuromuscular stimulation, which parameters can be set and what influence do they have on the simulation).

2) You have a signal consisting of a DC component, a 100 Hz component and a 10.000 Hz component and you want to filter out the 100 Hz component. Use reasonable cut-off frequencies and give the transfer function (also draw U over frequency). I think I might have interpreted this question wrong because it seems harder than similar ones in previous tests.

3) You are given two empty charts with two axes in one of which you have to draw the heart sounds and in the other one the optical plethysmogram (so that they match up properly). Also include changes in these diagrams that are caused by breathing and use reasonable time scales)

The rest was just old questions, those I can think of at the moment are:

One about (short wave) diathermy

One about (capacitive) noise coupling and how to prevent it

One about drawing an electrical circuit/block diagram of an ECG amplifier

One about the different types of pacemakers

One about the Metal-electrolyte surface and its equivalent circuit

One about phase sensitive demodulation

One about volume/pressure ventilation and associated risks

I think there were more, but no new ones.

Good Luck!