TU Wien:Grundlagen des Information Retrieval VU (Rauber)/Prüfung 2014-10-10

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questions were roughly like this:

  • BIM vs BM25 - what is the primary difference (1 point)
  • Pooling (IR Evaluation) explanation, one scenario where it is not necessary to use it (2 points)
  • Why is smoothing important in LM (1 point)
  • HITs explanation (1 point)
  • Image Retrieval - 3 ways of manual annotation; what are the incitives for people to put relieable keywords (1 point)
  • Dependency Parsing - Information sources (out of 4 to choose and explain 2) (Dependancy Distance, Valency words(?), etc ..) (1 point)
  • MR - RP audio feature: transformation to sone and phon - why and how? (2 points)