TU Wien:IT Security in Large IT Infrastructures VU (Fankhauser)/Prüfung 2016-06-24

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Es gab 6 Fragen mit jeweils einer A4 Seite Platz für die Antworten:

  1. Issuance Life-cycle of a Banking Card (20)
    1. What is a High Security Area (HSA)? Why is it needed?
    2. What is in a HSA?
    3. Can HSA be accessed from the DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ)?
  2. What does Forward compatibility mean and why is it important for large IT infrastructures? (10)
  3. What are the up- and downsides of using certifications (!= certificates) in large IT infrastructures? (10)
  4. Backward compatibility (20)
    1. Why is backward compatibility needed in large IT infrastructures?
    2. What are the problems?
    3. Name and explain two examples.
  5. SS7 (20)
    1. Explain the original and the current threat model of SS7.
    2. Why is this a problem for large IT infrastructures?
  6. Name and explain 10 issues regarding penetration testing in large IT infrastructure. (20)