TU Wien:Internet of Things for Smart Systems VU (Schulte)/Prüfung 2018-12-04

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Describe smart things, name 3 features that differentiate them from normal things

sketch and name the parts of a passive RFID tag

sketch a smart fridge scenario with RFID

choose active, semi-active or passive tag for the sketched scenario and explain why

MQTT or CoAP (für ein gegebenes Szenario entscheiden, welches Protokoll genutzt werden soll und erklären warum)

sketch star topology for 4 ffd and 4 rfd devices

data tuple, data schema, data stream (explain each one and explain how they are connected)

shortcomings of cloud for iot, name an alternative

Single Choice (True/False) Fragen (Weiß den genauen Wortlaut leider nicht mehr): is zigbee using WPAN, Integrity attack, EPC global is a standard for ..., is semi-active RFID constantly emitting ID?