TU Wien:Introduction to Security VU (Weippl)/Prüfung 2013-01-15

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Also für das midterm-retake exam kamen folgende Fragen:

What is the difference between passive and active threats?

List 3 uses of public-key encryption

What are disadvantages to database encryption?

Describe the differences between a host-based IDS and a network-based IDS

What is the difference between a bot and a rootkit?

What is a NOP-sled and how is it used in a bufferoverflow attack?

What defences are possible against TCP SYN spoofing attack?

What steps should be taken when a DoS attack is detected?

What are some weaknesses of a packet filtering firewall?

What is a DMZ network and what types of systems would you expect to find on such networks?

Define a cross-site scripting attack. List an example of such an attack.

what is a hash-function, what is it used for? Give an example