TU Wien:Selbstorganisierende Systeme VU (Rauber)/Prüfung 2015-03-04

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SOM Prüfung 2015-03-04

1. a.) Properties of agent systems b.) What are the layers of Agent Communication (with brief explanation)

2. What is Self-organization? Basic properties and 2 examples. What is the difference between a complex and a complicated system?

3. a) What problems can be solved with Genetic algorithms b) name 3 operations of GA c) Why is diversity an issue, and how can it be controlled?

4. Explanation of the SOM learning algorithm. What is the main difference between SOM and other clustering methods. What is the complexity of the training (in O-notation)

5. Name and explain 4 different SOM visualizations and explain them / what do they show.

6. Name and explain 2 quality measurements for SOM and describe two examples for each. When can the qe of a unit be high, but the mqe small?