TU Wien:Selbstorganisierende Systeme VU (Rauber)/Prüfung 21.01.2016

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    • a) Categories of CA network update rules
    • b) Describe the Gosper Glider gun
    • c) Describe Nagel–Schreckenberg model
    • a) What is the difference between a complex and a complicated system?
    • b) Why is diversity an issue for GA, and how can it be controlled?
  1. Describe the parameters for training SOMs, what would happen if you used extreme values and how to select the right parameter value.
    • a) What are topology violations and why is it impossibly have a map without them.
    • b) Describe two visualisations for analyzing topology violations.
    • c) How can topology violations be avoided?
  2. Incremental Grid Growing
    • a) Motivation for Incremental Grid Growing
    • b) Shortcomings of SOMs that can be solved with Incremental Grid Growing.
    • c) How Incremental Grid Growing works