TU Wien:Selbstorganisierende Systeme VU (Rauber)/Prüfung vom 26.1.2015

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Questions (as far as I remember):

a) Explain the basic properties of CA
b) Calculate the first 7 steps for 11001 with "a cell stays alive (and comes to live) if there are 2 or 3 in its neighborhood alive"
c) explain how traffic can be simulated with CA

a) What is self organization? Basic Properties? Name 2 Examples
b) Gray Code?

a) Which types of problems can be solved with Ant Colony System.
b) name two extension of Ant Colony System and explain which shortages it tries to eliminate.

a) Difference between SOM and other clustering methods
b) Name and explain the two basic properties of SOMs which can be measured by a range of quality measures. Name one for each

a) Explain the rationale for picking the size of the SOM and its impact on subsequent parameter setting (neighborhood rate, learning rate) How sensitive are these parameter settings, which aspects need to be considered, what is the impact of picking a wrong setting?
b)Explain the reason for magnification factors characteristics of the SOM training process, how they can be detected, how they can be used/interpreted during data analysis: