Uni Wien:Distributed and Parallel Algorithms VU (Paz, Kriege)/2022S Fragen mündliche Pruefung

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The following is what was asked at the oral exam in 2022S:

The first half was about the project:

  • give a summary over the paper you read (and there was one/two follow up questions, maybe because I was not specific enough)
  • what did you do in the research part of the project? (and one follow up question)

The second part was about the lectures:

  • What part of the course did you find interesting? Talk about it, show the slides on this and explain what was going on there. I took cycles, as there are multiple ways for detecting one: mathematically, with heavy/light node, Adjacency matrix multiplication, semi-rings and the lower bound with the disjointness graph. It was more like an overview to show off that one part interested me and I can explain it.
  • questions on parallel part was a bit more tricky:
    • connected components - explain how one would do this in a parallel setting: I explained it sequentially and then with Adjacency multiplication
    • single and all source shortest path - explain how it can be parallelised with pseudocode given and which types there are for all source shortest path

whole time: 30 minutes - 15 for each part.