TU Wien:Advanced Project Management VU (Fischer)/Prüfung 2020-06-30

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  • One PM standard
  • Program management
  • What is the sprint zero
  • List knowledge areas of PMBOK
  • 2 princpls of Kanban, explain one
  • Principles of agile software
  • What is the PMO
  • What is PRINCE II
  • What is the vicious square
  • Characteristics of a project
  • What is the critical path
  • What is a sprint
  • Elements of a process in PMBOK
  • Milestone Trend Analysis
  • Cost & Complexity estimation methods (Which are cost estimation methods? Oracle Method, Function Point Method, COCOMO3, Educated Guess)
  • One type of IT project
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Meetings of Scrum
  • Triple constraint
  • One reason for project failure
  • Scope Management (what are the activities?)
  • Burndown Chart
  • Stakeholders of a project
  • IPMA, pm baseline
  • Nexus Framework
  • What is the WBS?
  • Portfolio Management