TU Wien:Advanced Software Engineering VO (Bernhart Strobl Mordinyi)/Prüfung 2014-01-23

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ASE Prüfung 2014-01-23[Bearbeiten]

  • What is MDD? What properties does a model need in order to be used for MDD?
  • Explain three ways to monetize in FOSS.
  • Explain three properties of Dependable Software.
  • What's the difference between a Design Pattern and an Idiom? Is the Interface pattern implemented in Java an Idiom?
  • Explain the differences (pro/cons) between Build Time Modularization and Runtime Modularization.
  • Difference between Clustering and Load-Balancing? Name an example where they interweave
  • Irgendwas zu Configuration Management
  • Explain the main components of an OSGi Framework.
  • Explain three main challenges of Collective Intelligence systems.
  • Three trade-offs for Centralized and Decentralized Collective Intelligence systems, each.
  • Difference between re-licensing and sub-licensing.
  • Two transaction management possibilities (pro/cons) in a Java EE Container.
  • Difference between logging and auditing.
  • Name at least two common problems when keeping dependencies in a SCM?
  • What does a tool like Nexus manage?
  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • Explain the Interface Pattern in Java. Ist it an Idiom?