TU Wien:Advanced Software Engineering VO (Bernhart Strobl Mordinyi)/Prüfung 2020-01-30

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Insgesagmt 16 Fragen, 90min Zeit.

  1. List and explain three empirical study types.
  2. When to use which type of transaction management?
  3. List 6 CI principles according to Fowler.
  4. Sketch a diagram and explain the modern CI/CD system.
  5. What is SCRUM poker and what are the possible outcomes in each round?
  6. What are cross-cutting concerns, why should they be decoupled from business logic?
  7. Explain aspect-oriented programming.
  8. Explain the difference between fault, error, failure, give an example for each.
  9. What is the core concept of microservices, name and explain two challenges when developing them.
  10. Compare components and services according to Fowler. How are they similar, how are they different?
  11. List and explain two principles of the Agile manifesto.
  12. Compare and contrast localization and internationalization. What are the main concerns?
  13. Logging vs. auditing, similarities and differences. What does good logging output look like?
  14. Simple and Easy, Complex and Complicated. Two system types for each combination in the chart from the slides.
  15. Compare CI systems and Human-based computation. How are they similar, how do they differ? List two types of CI systems, give an example for each.
  16. Three reasons for why a company should host CI on-premise?