TU Wien:Advanced Software Engineering VO (Bernhart Strobl Mordinyi)/Prüfung 2023-06-07

Aus VoWi
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1. What is Dependability in Software Engineering? Name and describe all attributes!

2. What is meant by Technical Debts? Name three examples of technical debts and their possible causes!

3. Explain the n+1 queries problem! How can it be avoided?

4. What are the differences between localization and internationalization? Explain typical focus points!

5. Compare and contrast components and services after Fowler!

6. Compare manual and automatic master node election! What are the benefits and drawbacks of both?

7. What is the Github dilemma? How can it be avoided?

8. Name all principals of the agile manifesto!

9. Name and explain problems when keeping dependencies in SCM!

10. Name two types of CIS with 3 examples each!

11. Name and describe 4 advantages and disadvantages of microservices, compared to a monolith!

12. What are wicked problems? Why are they hard to work with?

13. Explain the open-closed principal!

14. Explain the difference between authentication and authorization and name two examples for each one!

15. Explain the differences between error, fault and failure!

16. Compare clustering and load balancing! Name and explain two modes each!

17. (can't remember, but the question was not new)