TU Wien:Bioinformatik VO (Mach)/10.1.2013

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1) Which types of queries for sequence databases do you know (4 Examples)? What types of queries would you recommend? Why?

2) Why do we search for similar sequences (4 reasons)?

3) Explain global vs local alignment by simple diagramm!

4) Prepare simple dotplot matrices for pairs of:

-repetitive sequences

-pairs of palindromic sequences

-highlight diagonal structure

5) Explain Sanger and Pyro-sequencing what are the main differences?

6) What is a "BAC" use in genome sequencing strategies?

7) Five exapmles of model organisms why do we use them in comparative genomics?

8) What is evolution? Explain using "gene frequency" term?

9) What is the law of parsimony?

10) What is molecular clock? Explain the apllication.