TU Wien:Biologie VO (Mach)/Prüfung 2017-05-10 (Gruppe v1)

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90 Minuten Zeit, Aus dem Gedächtnis, daher nicht ganz wortgetreu:

1)White biotechnology: a) To what application field is this term related? b) What relevance has White Biotechnology within all biotechnological application fields(minor, middle or major)? c) Mention 4 products/types of Red Biotechnology applications (except biofuels).

2) What does X-linked (sex-linked) inheritance mean, give a typical example for human beings?

3) Why are deep sea hydrothermal vents important for studying the origin of life?

4) Describe base pairing in DNA.

5) What happens during reverse transcription. In which special cases can it be found in Nature?

6) Describe the major components of a cell membrane and their function.

7) What are lipids? Give 4 typical functions.

8) Which flow of information is known in nature?

9) Explain the principle of dose-response relationships.

10) Draw a typical phospholipid bilayer membrane.