TU Wien:Biologie VO (Mach)/Prüfung 2019-09-23

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120 Minuten Zeit. Keine Garantie für Richtigkeit der Fragen.

  • Name at least 6 different functions of proteins.
  • Describe the usual eco-toxological assessment process. Max 4 sentences.
  • Why to study biology? How do discoveries in biology influence every day life? (Etwas komische Frage, wusste nicht genau, was sie da hören wollten)
  • What is transcription and why is it needed?
  • Describe the Miller-Urey Experiment. What conclusions were made as a result of that experiment?
  • Describe the rules of base pairing.
  • Name the microorganism for penicillin production. How does penicillin work? Why are we using half-synthetic penicillin?
  • Name the four possible structures of proteins and describe them briefly. (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary)
  • Describe the four basic mechanisms of change and the primary sources of genetic variation.
  • Red biotechnology: To what field does it apply? What importance does it have in biotechnology (minor, middle, major)? Name 3 products of red biotechnology (except antibiotica).