TU Wien:Biologie VO (Mach)/Prüfung 2020-09-01

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Aus dem Gedächtnis vielleicht war also irgendwo noch eine Unterfrage dabei

1. Cytoskelett - 3 parts and function

2. Dose-response, make drawing plus max. 2 sentences

3. Polyploidy - what, where, importance for evolution

4. Ribosome - biogenesis, function and form

5. Explain building blocks of DNA, difference RNA

6. Cellulose ethanol: production, microorganism, bottleneck problem

7. Two cellular organelles with own DNA? what is their function

8. Five sciences and five fields in Biotechnology

9. Gene duplication, importance for evolution?

10. What are homologous chromosomes, haploidy, diploidy (definition)