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Vortragende Bernhard Rengs
ECTS 3,0
Letzte Abhaltung 2024S
Sprache English
Mattermost computational-social-simulationRegisterMattermost-Infos
Links tiss:105622
Masterstudium Business Informatics Modul EM/FD - Economic Modeling Foundation (Pflichtfach)

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Nothing. This lecture is about a new topic.

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Very nice, due to COVID-19 shifted to slides plus voice line.

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Three different exercises. The exercises are done in groups of 4 and I would say that they are not so hard. The first one is just theory questions, and the second and third are done in Net logo and very manageable. I would say take 2-3 days for each assignment, but you will probably need less.

Prüfung, Benotung[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

The exam is not hard and can be prepared in full in 3 days. The professor gives a list of 30 questions and 4 of them will come on the exam. The act of finding the answers to the questions could be time-consuming but would say maybe take an extra day for that.

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Ok according to the given ECTS.

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noch offen

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