TU Wien:Daten- und Informatikrecht VU (Haslinger)/Prüfung 31.1.2017

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15 Fragen je 3 mögliche Antworten (von den mindestens eine ist immer Richtig). 45 Minuten Zeit (was genug sei soll, wenn man mindestens zwei Tagen gelernt hat).

Studierenden die nicht so gut Deutsch können, haben eine Version der Fragen auf Englisch bekommen, wenn sie sich vorher im Forum angemeldet haben.

Ich werde die Fragen auf Englisch schreiben (weil so ich schneller bin). Feel free to add german translation/add missing questions!


2. The IGO treaties are: a) Always in rang of a recommendation. b) Whether they are binding depends on the IGO founding agreement. c) Can be binding even for non-member countries

3. Examples of the EU Primärrecht are: a) Entering treaties for the 28 member-states b) European Convention on Human Rights c) EU-RL

4. The formal notice from the EU is sent when: a) A country joins the union without signing the entering treaty b) A EU-RL has been passed c) A EU-VO has been passed

5. According to the international law (Völkerrecht) a country may: a) Practice its law on its citizens on its territory b) Practice its law on the non-citizens on its territory c) Practice its law on the territories of other country when it wants to

6. Grounding principles (Grundbausteine) а) Are above the Verfassungsrang b) Can be overruled by the EU c) Can be changed by the Austrian parliament with 1/2 quorum and 2/3 majority


8. The article from the EU-RL on cookies (forgot its name): a) is not valid in Austria b) is valid in Austria but does not have to be implemented c) Something about its content

9. If a provider could not be freed by the EKG a) It means the provider is guilty by the civil and penalty law b) It means the provider can be guilty by the civil and penalty law c) It means that they are actually no provider

10. The ban of NS in Austria a) is not valid anymore, due to a EU legislation b) is in Austria on Verfassungsrang c) limits the ground principle of freedom of expression

11. ECG: a) Contains Herkunftsprinzip b) Contains Universalitätsprinzip c) Does not only contain what was required by a international legislation

12. A host provider is... a) Description of a content provider b) Description of a carrier c) Description of a host provider


14. Beitragstäter ist... а) Defintion des Beitragstäters b) Definition des Bestimmungstäters c) Definiotion des unmittelbaren Täters

15. In a conflict of a EU-RL and a Verfassungsgesetz a) The Verfassungsgesetz has priority over the EU-RL b) The EU-RL has priority over the Verfassungsgesetz c) Neither has the priority and the resolution has to be found by VfGH and EuGH

Das Urheberrecht war nicht geprüft, weil das die erste Prüfung war.