TU Wien:Human Resource Management and Leadership VO (Köszegi)/2019-12-12 HRM Exam

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1) Hawthorne Experiment a) Briefly describe the Hawthorne Experiments! What was the aim of the experiments in the first place? b) What were the main findings? Which paradigm shift the experiment provoke? c) Imagine you own a small bakery (50 employees), what can you do to increase productivity? According to structure & people

2)Groups a)Describe the Five-Stage Model of group formation! b) Name 4 criteria that define groups c)What are advantages and disadvantages of groups?

3) Wages a) Which different wage forms are there? Explain and give examples b) What are reasons for fixed wages?

4) a)Briefly describe the situational leadership theory b)Describe the two dimensions and the four leadership styles proposed by this theory c)Which aspects can be criticized?

5) a)Please explain the problem of asymmetric information. b)Explain strategies to deal with the problem of asymmetricinformation c)What are criteria of a good selection process?