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Daten[edit | edit source]

Lecturers Peter Purgathofer, Astrid Weiss, Christiana Tsiourti
Department Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology
When winter semester
Language English
Links tiss:193085
Master Media and Human-Centered Computing Wahlmodul Emergent Ethical Challenges in Informatics

Inhalt[edit | edit source]

noch offen, bitte nicht von TISS/u:find oder Homepage kopieren, sondern aus Studierendensicht beschreiben.

Ablauf[edit | edit source]

2020W: the lecturers created the course with proper distance learning concepts from the start. theory inputs were provided in the form of slides and short lecture videos. we had to read several scientific papers on the topic of HRI and write a reading reflection for each, which were discussed in the corresponding session. sessions took place roughly every week, so reading was spaced out a bit. the group exercise was adapted to be conducted in distance mode (online surveys instead of lab experiments).

Benötigte/Empfehlenswerte Vorkenntnisse[edit | edit source]

noch offen

Vortrag[edit | edit source]

noch offen

Übungen[edit | edit source]

2020W: the overarching topic was the *reproduction crisis in HRI*, so the exercise consisted of trying to figure out how to reproduce a (badly documented) HRI study. robots necessary for the study were provided by the lecturers.

Prüfung, Benotung[edit | edit source]

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Dauer der Zeugnisausstellung[edit | edit source]

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Zeitaufwand[edit | edit source]

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Unterlagen[edit | edit source]

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Tipps[edit | edit source]

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Verbesserungsvorschläge / Kritik[edit | edit source]

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