TU Wien:IT-based Management VU (Schwaiger)/Final Exam 2020-01-24

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Stochastic calculation: ECTS example: The ECTS are normal distributed (expected value = 25), standard deviation is 4 ects in first semester, 5 (2nd), 6 (3rd), 7 (4th)

  • Calculate the expected value for 4 semesters
  • Define the matrix with a correlation index of -0.25
  • Calculate the standard deviation of 4 semesters
  • Define the boundaries for the probability of 2/3 of the ects --> +standarddev / -standarddev
  • Calculate the standard deviation for an independent distribution

Some strange question(just opinion):

  • What are your competences in business domain/information domain/both?

Onto REA Accounting Model: Expressed in the OntoUML-Language diagramm given:

  • Give an example for the duality relationship
  • Why is there an material relation and not a formal?
  • Something about <<Phase>> and derivative instruments


  • Jenkins can be integrated into Apache Maven -> false