TU Wien:IT-based Management VU (Schwaiger)/Midterm Exam 2019-11-22

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What is a DSS?

Why DSS is not part of the MCS definition?

What are the differences from the MCS definition from Brown to Chenhall, Simpson etc.?

Metamodelling graphic given -> Why does the paradox arise?

What are substantial/moment classes? How contribute they to solve the paradox?

What are the differences from correspondence-, functional- and partitioning-relationships to instanceOf Relationship?

What elements are needed in the Maturity Assessment Model: Classification-Schema, Dimension, Sub-Dimension, Maturity-Levels, Indicators, Q-Items

What is needed for conzeptualization (given core structure): indicators, for operationalization: q-items:

Why are the indicators organised in a tree structure and what are the connections to the question skip logic