TU Wien:Knowledge Management VO (Dorn)/Prüfung 11.12.2013

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Questions of exam on 11.12.2013:

  1. learning organization principles
  2. how can you evaluate KM
  3. methods used in Job Analysis
  4. Knowledge sharing 5. Principles of strategic knowledge management
  5. SWOT- resource point of view
  6. KMMM- what kind of data evaluates
  7. relationship between process management and KM
  8. Social tagging 10. Why should we use KM at TU?
  9. kinds of Intellectual Capital - don't remember what exactly
  10. three layer structure of a KM based system
  11. Skills for supporting learning organization
  12. what is half-time knowledge
  13. competence management and employees
  14. Difference between a taxonomy and an ontology
  15. process modelling: cinema
  16. service provider analysis of a mobile provider+ comparison with other 2
  17. use-case evaluation of you situation in KM 20.
  18. competences XML