TU Wien:Knowledge Management VO (Dorn)/Prüfung 13.12.2017

Aus VoWi
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  • Possible reasons why the Vienna UT is not a learning organization
  • Explain what is the half-life time of your computer's Operating System
  • Importance of Intellectual Capital Statement
  • Learning organization: traditional assumptions and their effects
  • Benefits for Vienna UT as a learning organization
  • What is a community of practice
  • Principles of Strategic Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Maturity Model
  • SWOT
  • Relationship between process management and KM
  • Functions of HRM
  • Dublin descriptors
  • How to solve problems with tagging
  • Techscreen
  • Which CMS components need to be separated? structure, presentation and content
  • Case-based learning
  • Service analysis of vehicle transport, compare bus vs train
  • BPMN - model a transport from Vienna to Linz
  • XML - case - last summer holidays