TU Wien:Psychologische Grundlagen der Visualisierung VO (Pohl)/Prüfung 27.06.2019

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Gruppe “blaue Blätter”

  1. Visual Literacy
  2. Theories of object perception
  3. Change Blindness and Inattentional Blindness + Design Guidelines (Rensink)
  4. Color perception theories and color consistency
  5. Enumerate 4 methods of interaction and describe them shortly
  6. Is perception constructed or direct? Compare constructivist theories (information processing) with direct perception (Gibson).

(Genaue Formulierung und Reihenfolge kann abweichen.)

Other group:

1. Name four information visualization and explain them briefly.

2. Explain in detail what is Visual Analytics. What are the problems,solutions, and goals?

3. Explain in detail the concept of contructivist and direct perception theory(gibson). Compare the differences.

4. Explain in detail what is Dual Coding and Imagery Debate.

(There were 6 questions, I can only remember 4 of them)