TU Wien:Statistik und Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie UE (Bura)/Übungen 2019W/2.6

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Continuous random variable

Let X be a random variable whose cumulative distribution function (cdf) is of the form

(a) Determine the associated probability density function (pdf) f (x).
(b) Use R function plot() to sketch the cdf F and pdf f .
(c) Find an expression for the p-quantile and then determine the three quartiles (25%, 50% and 75% quantiles) of the distribution.
Hint: Recall, is the p-quantile if it holds .

Lösungsvorschlag von Gittenburg[edit]

--Gittenburg 10:10, 22. Okt. 2019 (CEST)



cdf = function(x){exp(x)/(1 + exp(x))}
pdf = function(x){exp(x)/(1 + exp(x)^2)}
plot(cdf(seq(1,10,0.1)), type='l')
plot(pdf(seq(1,10,0.1)), type='l')



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