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Ortung in Gebäude auf 20 cm genau. Methode und Vor-/Nachteile angeben.[edit]

Decawave frequency tracking. Inside 40m, outside 300m. Accuracy: +/- 10cm. Uses frequency/ultra wide band for tracking. Has inertial sensor.

Was ist Mixed Reality[edit]

Mixed reality includes augmented reality and augmented virtuality.

Augmented Reality: (Azuma) Combines real and virtual world, interactive in real-time, registered in 3D

Augmented Virtuality: Enhancing virtual world by pictures/textures/models of the real world

Kaufliste für neues AR/VR System[edit]

Tracking system, computer, output device, interaction devices

Vor-/Nachteile von Magnetischen Trackern[edit]

Pros: continuous, robust, small sensors, wireless available, can be inexpensive

Cons: not accurate, prone to noise, possible health hazard, limited working volume

Vor-/Nachteile von Optischen Trackern[edit]

Marker tracking:

Pros: accurate, large volume, wireless

Cons: Occlusion

Natural Features

Pros: no marker, higher commercial acceptance

Cons: lighting and camera dependant, slow

Anhand von Wiimote erklären was hybride Tracker sind[edit]

Optical and inertial.

Optical: infrared tracking of position (IR LEDs on a sensor bar used for recalibration, Calc. distance to sensor bar)

Inertial: 3-axis accelerator

Rumble functionality


Welche 3 Möglichkeiten gibt es mit einer einzelnen Kamera Tiefenbilder zu erzeugen? Erkläre kurz die Funktionsweise.[edit]

Structured Light: Kinect, projects pattern and detects pattern shifts in camera image

Time of Flight: Compute time of flight of IR pulse for each pixel

Light Field: microlens array positioned in front of camera sensor, creates 4D light field vector

Kaufliste für Cave[edit]

Trackingvogang von Markern[edit]

Inside-Out, Outside-In[edit]

Inside-Out: Sensors are on tracked object. Example: Vive, Hololens, Wii Remote

Outside-In: Sensors are on static objects. Example: Rift, PSVR

Nenne 2 Markierungsarten und 1 Manipulationsart[edit]

Select: GoGo arm extension, world-in-miniature Manipulation: HOMER

Polarisiertes Licht erklären[edit]

Passive stereo. Polarization filters create „different“ images for left and right eye

Use two projectors:

Left: vertical filter in front of the lens

Right: horizontal filter in front of the lens

Wear glasses with polarization filters:

Left eye: vertical

Right eye: horizontal

Two possibilites: linear and circular polarization