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Lecturers Andrea MorichettaPhilipp Alexander Raith
Alias Distributed Systems Technologies (en)
When summer semester
Last iteration 2022SS
Language English
Mattermost distributed-systems-technologiesRegisterMattermost-Infos
Links tiss:184260
Master Business Informatics Wahlmodul ISE/EXT - Information Systems Engineering Extension
Master Software Engineering & Internet Computing Pflichtmodul Internet Computing and Distributed Systems Technologies


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Benötigte/Empfehlenswerte Vorkenntnisse[edit]

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SS21: 3 assignments to be solved individually:

  • 1. Object-relational mapping (JPA), document databases (MongoDB), key-value stores (Redis)
  • 2. Application Frameworks (Java EE), Remoting (gRPC), Web services (JAX-RS), Metaprogramming (AOP/AspectJ)
  • 3. Autoscaling with containers (Docker in Java, Python), Messaging middleware (RabbitMQ), Complex event processing (Apache Flink)

All assignments consisted of practical programming exercises and theory questions that were to be presented in Zoom group sessions.

SS22: Same as SS21

Prüfung, Benotung[edit]

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Dauer der Zeugnisausstellung[edit]

Semester Letzte Leistung Zeugnis
SS21 30.06.2021 05.08.2021 5 Wochen


SS21: The main effort of the practical exercises consisted of research and understanding how the technologies worked and are intended to be used rather than the actual implementation. Each assignment has an estimated effort of 36 hours; as a medium-skilled programmer (without work experience) they took me roughly 24h/33h/19h of work.


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Verbesserungsvorschläge / Kritik[edit]

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