TU Wien:Einführung in die Biomechanik VU (Thurner)

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Lecturers Magdalena FuchsPhilipp Thurner
Alias Introduction to Biomechanics (en)
Department Leichtbau und Struktur-Biomechanik
When winter semester
Last iteration 2022WS
Language English
Mattermost einfuehrung-in-die-biomechanikRegisterMattermost-Infos
Links tiss:317043
Bachelor Medizinische Informatik Wahlmodul Life Sciences in der Medizin
Masterstudium Biomedical Engineering Wahlmodul *Modul: Biophysics and Biomechanics


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Eine Kombination aus VO und Tutorien.

Die ersten paar Einheiten wird hauptsächlich Mathematik und Mechanik wiederholt.

Benötigte/Empfehlenswerte Vorkenntnisse[edit]

Mechanik-Vorkenntnisse sind hier sehr wertvoll! - sonst ziemlich steil!


Interesting. He explains well, has good organized slides and speaks a proper english which is easy to listen too.

Übungen, exercises[edit]

There are 6(?) exercises in total which are split up between the two tests. Exercises are pretty similar (!) to the years before, so you might as well check the forums to see how the calculated them.

Prüfung/ exam, Benotung/ grading[edit]

Both exams are written, the first is easier then the second, so it's good to be prepared for the first as well. Both, examples and theory are asked during the exams.

Dauer der Zeugnisausstellung[edit]

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Zeitaufwand/ Time to prepare for the lecture[edit]

One week for each of the two exams + individual time to go through all the exercises (not compulsory.

Unterlagen/ materials[edit]

Solutions for the book ("Introductory Biomechanics" by Ethier) as well as previous exam questions can be found in the materials section.


Do all the examples in Ethier together with the solutions and try to answer the lecture outlet prof. Thurner states at the beginning of each new chapter slice. Then you should be pass the exam.

Verbesserungsvorschläge / Kritik[edit]

Sometime it may be difficult to follow his introductions when he explains the answer for the exercises. Try to form study groups and talk with others about it if you dont understand it completly. This will help you as well to pass.